Voting is now closed! The winner of "My Gourmet Valentine!" is Bonnie of glutenvygirl and Joe Nichols is our winning voter!

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1092 votes
Cashew Butter Chocolate Strawberry Bites
By glutenvygirl
706 votes
Molten Chocolate Cakes
By southernpinklemonade
630 votes
Chocolate Rum Balls
By vasantib
506 votes
Potato Cutlets
By jeyashrisuresh
471 votes
Double Chocolate Pots de Creme (Baked Custard)
By CinnamonGirl
281 votes
Love Potion - Red Beet, Pear, Minneola orange and Apple Smoothie
By richa
142 votes
Sweet and Spicy Chicken
By creativecookinggf
120 votes
Spicy Chai Truffles Recipe
By sstiavetti
91 votes
Gluten-free, Vegan Mini Red Velvet Cakes
By PumpkinsPantry
87 votes
Mini St(raw)berry Cheesecakes
By Lexie
80 votes
Nutella and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Fudge
By doughmesstic
79 votes
Valentine's Day Crepes with Chocolate Ganache And Raspberry Compote
By michaelnatkin
78 votes
Cook's Country Tunnel of Fudge Mini-Bundt Cakes
By simplycooking101
69 votes
Chocolate Mousse with Avocado
By spicesnaroma
67 votes
Choco Nut Cut Oats Cookies (Vegan, Grain-Free)
By Deanna
53 votes
Tiramisu Cheese Cake w/ Homemade Ladyfinger Biscuits and Mascarpone Cheese
By Sona@Yaio
21 votes
Pink Lamingtons - Valentine's Day Treat
By kitchenkemistry
12 votes
Watermelon Jalapeno Love Salad
By GlutenFreeCat